If you have a site that is Elvis related, we would be interested in exchanging links. We would like to exchange links with sites related to Elvis Presley, Tribute Artists, Elvis Venues, Jumpsuits, Jewellery etc.

Exchanging links is a great way to boost your web site traffic. Not only will you receive traffic from other sites, but the links help your site rank higher in search engine results.

We do not exchange links with sites that are disrespectful to Elvis, pornographic, support hate or racism, or that are composed entirely of link pages, banner pages and/or affiliate ad pages. Your site must have original and unique content that would be valuable to our visitors. In exchange for your link in our links directory, we request the following:

Use the following Banner code

<A target = “_blank” HREF=”http://www.elvisnews.co.uk”><IMG SRC=”http://www.elvisnews.co.uk/images/Newsbanner.gif” border=0 width=468 height=60 ></a>

Which Looks Like This:

Once you have posted our link on your site please send us the url where we can find it, also include your link information that you would like us to publish.


A link to the Elvies

A link to Las Bundoran